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Hi everyone! My name is Tatjana, nickname Tanya, and I’m the one who created this website. Healthy living has always been important to me,  and working out is an important part of it. Throughout schooling, I worked out daily, and I was enrolled in countless courses. I graduated in economics, got a job, worked long hours, but I always made sure I had time to devote to my health. But then I got ill, went through numerous tests and treatments, and all of that seriously affected my immunity and changed my life.

Huge Changes

A major health crisis affects one in so many ways. Your views, values, priorities… everything changes. And so many things you thought were important, become unimportant. It was a low point for me, and it was a challenge to get back to my life.

I focused on boosting my immunity. I dove into the literature, reading as many reports and studies as I could to understand the way my body functioned. I considered all the possibilities. I became knowledgeable in scientific research and alternative healing methods.

I started looking at health more holistically. I focused on nutrition and added key supplements to my health regimen.

I went back to the University studying psychology.

Adapting to Changes

With work and studies, I didn’t have so much free time as before and honestly, sometimes I was too tired after work to even think about, for example, gym. So I started working out at home, in my own spare time, using different fitness equipment for home workout.

I’ve really started to enjoy working out at my home.

You Can Be Healthy And Fit Even Though You Do Have Little Time for Yourself

Over the years, and after everything I’ve been through, I’ve learned so much about health (physical and mental), nutrition, supplements, plus as a psychologist, I have knowledge about anxiety, stress, sleeping disorders etc. and it’s not just theoretical knowledge, I, myself have been dealing with many problems. For a while, I’ve been working one on one with many people who asked for my help, and now I want to offer all of you some insights into many of these areas, especially given that we’re living fast, having so many things to do, that most of us, have so little time for ourselves.

Tatjana – Tanya

Founder of Healthy And Fit



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