Ways to Workout at Home – Problems and Solutions

Ways to Workout at Home – Problems and Solutions

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Life gets faster and more complicated day by day. It’s hard to keep up, to do everything you have to do plus what you want to do. And most of us put ourselves last, especially ones that have a child or children. You’re tensed, not working out, nor you’re satisfied with your looks and probably have some body aches from sitting nine hours a day at work. You don’t have time and energy to go to the gym, but there are ways to workout at home, in your own free time.

Don’t Have Time For Gym – Don’t Worry

How many times did you pay membership in the gym but at the end of a month realized that you only went there two or three times, or not even ones? But you decide that next month you’ll go regularly. At the end of a month – same or similar story. Month after month… The vast majority of us know this story. Right? There are researches showing that 67% of gym memberships go unused, so it’s like throwing away your money and you zero or small benefits for your health.

But, not going to the gym does not mean that you can’t work out. You can. Workout when you have some spare time, in the privacy of your own home, in your own pace. There are a few problems, that most of us have, about it, but there are different possible solutions.

How to Find the Time For Workout

The biggest advantage of working out at home is that you can exercise whenever you have some free time throughout the day (especially if you have an insane schedule, like me). If you usually wake up early in the morning, or you couldn’t sleep and see that it’s 5 a.m. and you don’t know what to do with yourself so early, use that time for something that will benefit your health, both physical and mental and energize you. Get up and exercise for half an hour or an hour.

Sometimes throughout the day, there is some gap you can use. Let’s say for example when children have a basketball training. Some people use their lunch break for a workout. Or later in the evening, when children go to sleep. But working out late at night, before going to bed to sleep, is not recommended because your body gets very activated and quality sleep needs calmness. There is no ‘switch on-off’, so if you workout in the evening, make sure you have at least half an hour before going to sleep.

Do yourself a favour and find that “me time”, make it! Make that effort, it’s worth it! You will love yourself for it because you will have multiple benefits from it (be healthier and looking great) but you will also be more self-confident and more satisfied with yourself. And that is very important!

Where to Workout

If you have a spare room to make your own workout sanctuary that’s great. But many people don’t. Don’t worry, you can exercise in different parts of yourworkout-at-home

home. For example, you can push aside the coffee table in the living room, and exercise there. Kitchen is also a great workout place, especially for upper body workout. Lean on the worktops in the kitchen and do push-ups. You can also use them for triceps dips.

Stretching, especially focusing on flexibility, you can do on your bed when you wake up. You can, also, lay on the floor, lift your legs on the bed and then lifting up your hips work on your abs and gluts. That exercise is also great for the spine and fantastic for lower back problems. Space beside the bed is great for various exercises. You can practice yoga there. You can do plank, plank jack, mountain climber, leg raises, sit-ups, V-sit bicycle, single/double leg extension, push-ups, knee to elbow tucks, squats, jumps, back leg kicks, and so much more.


Too Tired to Workout Now

Often we are too tired at the end of a day and all we want, and need is to sleep. Try to work out in the morning or throughout the day, whenever you have at least half an hour of free time. Even shorter workouts are beneficial. When you come home after work you are tired, but push yourself to workout at least twenty minutes, then have a healthy meal and you’ll be refreshed and re-energized.

Sometimes you can split working out in smaller parts and combine them with some household chores. Don’t forget that chores like, for example, vacuuming, cleaning kitchen or bathroom, doing laundry… are also a good full-body exercise. And in between those chores you can do a group of exercises, for example, abs, legs, arms and so on. That way you’ll clean up your house and exercise. Perfect.

My Time, My Space – My Healthhome-workout

Having in mind both physical and mental health, always make some time for yourself (“me time”). Working out is important for mobility, flexibility, building up muscles, improving circulation, speeding up metabolism, improving posture and so much more. And on top of all that, there are additional benefits – releasing tension, feeling and looking better. We must always take care of our mental health! While working out, among others, endorphin is produced, a wonderful hormone that makes us feel happy and relaxed.

Being aware of benefits for physical and mental health, plus wanting to look good and feel good, make that effort to workout even though you don’t have time for the gym or special space at home for a workout. It is possible, as discussed above. Even half an hour of workout, few times a week, will “do the job” and you’ll feel good, look good, be relaxed, more energized, more self-confident and, all in all, more satisfied with yourself. Remember it’s your health we’re talking about! It’s worth making that effort!

Always, always find/make that “me time”! Take care of yourself! Love yourself! And then you’ll be able to really love others, take care of them and help them.

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